THE BAND from left to right

Tom Savage

// Guitar / Vocals


Singer Songwriter raised with blues and jazz background. Born in the PNW. A decade worth of XP in guitar, He also enjoys playing piano and harmonica.


Influences: Freddie King, Django Reinhardt, The Meters and Pink Floyd.

Chris Nickerson

// Drums / Vocals


Born in the PNW. 7 years of drumming ranging from blues to metal. Being self-taught, Chris has developed a "groovy" blend of rythms.


Influences: The Meters, Primus, The Band, Bill Withers, MF Doom, and James Brown.

Giovanni De La Rosa

// Bass / Vocals


Born and raised in Puerto Rico, Gio has a background in latin music, He adds the right flavors to the mix. Ingredients include: reggae, hip-hop and funk. 


Influences: Tito Puente, 311, Les Claypool, RHCP and Stanley Clarke. 


Jared Sommerville

// Saxophone / Vocals


Born and raised in Southern California. Band geek at heart. From marching, parade and jazz band.  He's got the medals to show it. He adds the sizzle needed for the funk.  


Influences: Biggie Smalls, Joshua Redmen 

Ebb, Slack and Flood

Together, they create a fusion of sounds, easy to listen and hard not to dance to. This power-quad's performance delivers the soul of rhythm and blues with a touch of funk always surprising the crowd.


"Our music is Blues rooted with a heavy Funk accent"

Some say...


"From the initial bass line to the pounding drums, you instantly know the vibe of seeing and hearing Ebb Slack and Flood. Well thought out songs with consistent structure and timing to solid vocals and a fun feeling turns a rock show into a party. And then you ask yourself, “how do 3 guys make THAT sound?”  That’s the best part!"


"Filling the room with chemistry that is obvious and addictive, nothing but a good time when rockin’ out with Ebb, Slack and Flood".

Scott Less

Radio Announcer/ DJ

"What comes to mind when we say, Tom, Gio and Chris? That's right, we are talking about the four uber talented members of Ebb, Slack, and Flood! ESF is a hometown fav for any true Pacific Northwest Native. This musical quad is heating up the music scene with their dynamite soulful rock n' blues tunes".

Sandra Benton

The SAM Project

Management & Booking


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